What is Padel?


Padel, or padel tennis is a sport similar to tennis and squash. This fun and social game is becoming increasingly more popular around the world. Padel does not require as much physical preparation and endurance as tennis does, because the court is smaller and the game is played in pairs. This might be a reason why this game is this popular amongst women, children and senior players. Game points are counted the same way as in tennis and it is very easy to learn how to serve the ball.

Padel arrived in Lithuania in 2013 summer, when the first padel courts were built at Š. Marčiulionis Dubingiai tennis and padel club. Lithuanian Padel Federation (LPF) was established on the 5th of December 2013.ruodžio 5 d. IThe purpose of this organision is to further develop Padel in Lithuania.

Padel Rules

You can find the official padel game rules by clicking the link below. The rules were written by International Padel Federation.


To read padel game rules in Lithuanian, click the link below:


The history of padel

Enrique Corcuera is regarded as the pioneer of Padel, as he was the first to build himself a padel court in Acapulto, Mexico in the year 1962. A friend of Enrique Corcuera – prince Alfonso of Hohenhole became passionate about this sport and brought it to Europe. As Padel became more widespread in the the world, countries began establishing their own Padel Federations, which represented them. In 1991 the International Padel Federation was established. Padel rules differed slightly among the countries, therefore the International Padel Federation standardized padel rules in the same year it was established. The following year the First World Padel Championship took place in Madrid. After three years the first European Padel Championship was organised. In 2013 Padel Sport reached Lithuania and it continues to grow more popular.

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Padel in the world

Padel is widespread around the world. At the moment it is played in 78 countries, of which 35 have their own federations. According to the International Padel Federation there are currently 12 million active padel players around the world and this sport is one of the fastest growing racket sports. 

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