Padel or padel tennis – a sport with direct links to tennis and squash. Nowadays it is a very common sport in the world because it is a very social and entertaining sport activity. Padel court area is smaller than tennis, this game you need play in pairs. For this reason you need less physical training. Maybe this is why the padel is very popular between women, children, and older players who have previously played tennis or other racket sports. In padel, the scoring system is exactly the same as tennis. Giving the ball to the court is very easy. In Lithuania, the padel sport appeared in 2013, having the first padel courts in the summer of 2013 at Š. Marčiulionis Tennis and padel Club Dubingiai. On December 5, 2013,  Lithuanian Padel Tennis Federation (hereinafter referred to as LPF)  was created and started to develop this sport in Lithuania.